Accountability is Key for a Successful Economy

There have been many times throughout my entire school career in which I have found myself taking on a disproportionate amount of work in group projects. In preparing for the group presentation on economic inequality from the conservative perspective, I was reminded of the lack of fairness and the inequality of work shared that so often comes up during these types of assignments. Further, I believe that there are enough similarities between group projects and the conservative take on economic inequality to make a substantial connection. As children and adolescents don’t usually possess a strong familiarity with the process of taxation, group projects can actually be a powerful introduction to inequality. This is because we become exposed to the practice of different levels of member contributions resulting in the same grade for everyone. Although this differs from economic inequality in that it may be difficult to blame those at a disadvantage from generational inequality, we can factor in this category of people by thinking of group members who are supposed to contribute to the project but lack the means (like technology or other resources) to do so. However, some people are easier to criticize due to their complete absence of effort despite their full capability to work hard. Many conservatives can spot bums in the economy – people who have the abilities to achieve but either cannot overcome laziness or don’t see the point in working hard – and can use them to justify economic inequality as morally acceptable and good for the economy. After all, why would we want to support people who contribute nothing and cause more work for the rest of us? We have to raise the stakes because the reliance on other people tends to decrease individual productivity in context of both the economy and group projects. After looking back on several instances of my frustrations with collaborative assignments, I find it easier to agree with the conservative viewpoint that we must maintain individual accountability in order to preserve a functioning economy and incentivize innovation and entrepreneurship.

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  • I found that I can relate really well to this post. I often times take the liberal view on everything but when it comes to accountability such as in group projects I am with you on the conservative view point. I believe that a lot of times there are some free loaders when it comes to big groups and that is a way of life but there should be more effort to make sure those free loaders are doing their job.

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