Teacher Appreciation’s Weak

A while back, Dr. Greenlaw asked us if it is fair for him to get paid less as a professor than for working in the private sector. Everyone in the class, including Dr. Greenlaw himself, seemed to be in agreement that this is fair because 

The Madness of Marketing

How many people know who Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is? Does the name Elizabeth Grant ring a bell? In a world with so many people and so much competition, it seems unlikely that you’ll ever be able to rise above the rest and stand out 

Money & Happiness

A popular conclusion that stems from the field of positive psychology is that money cannot truly buy happiness. However, research has shown that income has a positive relationship with life satisfaction. While true that its added contribution to life satisfaction becomes smaller as income increases, 

The Effect of Implicit Prejudice on Economic Inequality

In my psychology class, we have been exploring anti-social relations, including the differences between explicit and implicit prejudice. Explicit bias is easy to spot as it takes place at the conscious level, is deliberately formed, and is easy to self-report. Implicit bias, however, is formed 

Breaking the Barrier of Tradition

I find it interesting that some people believe that women choose to pursue lower-paying career paths than men. There’s an argument that women should not complain when their paychecks are noticeably smaller than their male counterparts because women are aware of this upon entering certain 

Attribution Theory in Practice

In my psychology class, we have been discussing attribution theory which is the tendency to give causal explanations for someone’s behavior, often by crediting the situation or the person’s disposition. My professor noted that there are distinguished political effects of attribution in which conservatives tend 

A Conservative Take on Economic Inequality

Up until now, I have mainly discussed the liberal viewpoint regarding economic inequality. This is because I have seen income and wealth inequality as well as stagnant economic mobility in action. It’s easy to blame people for not doing enough to solve a problem or 

Accountability is Key for a Successful Economy

There have been many times throughout my entire school career in which I have found myself taking on a disproportionate amount of work in group projects. In preparing for the group presentation on economic inequality from the conservative perspective, I was reminded of the lack 

Transplanting Our Resources

In the context of Mankiw’s Defending the One Percent: The person with both kidneys is healthy, the person with one kidney is vulnerable, and the person with no kidneys is dead. Who wants to give away something that keeps them safe? Don’t you have a responsibility 

Ants Have Monopolized My Dorm

Brought on by my exasperation at the ant infestation in my dorm, I desired to make a connection between these resilient little creatures and human beings in regard to economic inequality. Not expecting there to make any real association, I was surprised by the extent